All news 28 May 2020

Physics 4.0+ available!

The release of Physics 4.0 on the Experimental Branch was a massive success. 

Nonetheless the team at LuGus Studios saw room for improvements, thanks to some suggestions from dedicated testers. Those improvements are added today in the form of Liftoff Physics 4.0+, an iteration on the previous physics 4.0 with a strong focus on the "lift" factor, adding yet another layer to the most detailed FPV simulator system on the market.  Read all about it in our dedicated development blog here.

Test results needed! 

Just like before, the new physics update is first available to test on the Experimental Branch. We will be looking for community feedback once more before we push this update to the main version of the game. We don't plan any further updates for Physics 4.0 anymore if the feedback on this iteration is positive. Thanks in advance!  Read all about getting access the Experimental Branch.

Let us know!

Your feedback is crucial and helps us to move forwards with the improvements of Liftoff. 

  • Does Physics 4.0+ feel better than Physics 4.0?  
  • Are our latest changeS an improvement to what was available in Liftoff these past few years?  
  • Do you feel something is still missing?

Please let us know!

**Update (5th of June)**

Thanks to your feedback we have further improved the Physics4.0+ update by tweaking some of its values. 

  • Drag scaling has been slightly reduced to be closer to Physics 4.0 in order for the drone to carry more momentum when throttle is cut;
  • Lift effect has been tuned down drastically as in some condition, it was resulting in making the drones feel "too heavy" and participated in shifting velocity direction too fast when throttle was cut;
  • Overall, the physics should feel like a comfortable mix of Physics 4.0 and Physics 4.0+ effects.

As always feedback is much appreciated, and has helped us make these further improvements. We have looked at your concerns regarding the previous P4.0+ update and hope these tweaks introduce everything you loved about P4.0, with the added improvements of P4.0+