All news 17 April 2018

Experimental Branch

The Experimental Branch is a place where we experiment with new game features, new physics or even new content in a potentially unfinished state. Sometimes, the changes we envision have so much influence on Liftoff that we want to include the players in the process through public testing. It is important to know that while testing on the Experimental Branch, you can always, and at any moment switch back to the current, official, Liftoff version.

What you need to know: 

  • The Experimental Branch (EB) should be used for testing purposes only.  
  • At any time you can switch back to the main version of the game. We recommend doing this after testing.  
  • Versions on the game on the EB can be expected to be unpolished, buggy and unbalanced.  
  • It is to be expected that not all game features work on the EB.  
  • Features and updates available on the EB are not guaranteed to make it to the main branch of the game.  
  • The dev team is not expected to give dedicated support for experimental game versions available on the EB.  
  • By participating on the EB you are expected to share feedback (not feature requests) with the developers.  
  • Content and features in the EB should not be used for review or promo purposes.

How to access to Liftoff Experimental Branch?

To get access to the Experimental Branch you have to change some “Properties” settings on Steam. To do this, follow these steps:  

  • Right click on “Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing” in your Steam Library  
  • Click “Properties”  
  • In the “Properties” menu, click the “BETAS” tab  
  • Select “Experimental Branch” in the dropdown menu
  • Happy testing!  

In order to switch back to the normal version of Liftoff, follow the same instructions, but instead of selecting “Experimental Branch” in the last step, select “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs”.

What and why?

While Liftoff continues to receive regular updates, we want each public version to function as a finished product. This puts a lot of pressure on our development team whenever we are pushing for crucial updates that can have a big impact on the game.  The Experimental Branch allows us to release experimental features and content much faster for testing, without having to worry too much about polish yet. It also allows us to break the game to a certain extent if needed, and try out features that we are not sure should make it to the final game yet. For the development team it means we have more freedom, for the player it means they can have an even bigger impact on the development and progress of the game. 

By testing the Liftoff Experimental Branch and giving us feedback, you help us, and weigh in on the decisions we make for the future of Liftoff.    

If you encounter any bugs, weird behaviour, or if you have more general remarks about Liftoff Experimental Branch, please contact us through:    

Thank you very much for your help, and happy testing!