All news 21 October 2020

Liftoff 1.3.4 Released

Third time's the charm, take two. After the massive 1.3 milestone update, we'd already done a lot of work patching up little oversights and glitches. Of course, as always, some stuff got overlooked or was so crazily specific it couldn't immediately be reproduced. 1.3.4 has another load of fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Once again, thanks for every one's diligent reports! They're a lifesaver!

Change list

  • Fixed multiplayer color picker not saving the selected color.
  • Fixed issue where player level in Multiplayer waiting room was displayed as "0".
  • Fixed multiplayer chat messages being stacked on each other.
  • Fixed black patches on terrain with OpenGL rendering on macOS.
  • Fixed drone swarm animation in Hannover (Night Fever variant) where it wasn't oriented properly.
  • Fixed battery charge indicator UI not showing when starting a Multiplayer room with the 'Force battery simulation' option turned on.
  • Fixed issue in the Workbench that would slow it down incredibly when selecting parts too fast.
  • Fixed issue with certain tracks not being able to load. Invalid track items are now silently ignored.
  • Fixed several track items not being placed under the same category in the Track Builder.
  • Fixed several checkpoint highlight effects in the Track Builder.
  • Fixed drone in the input calibration menu not being shown properly when entering the scene without a controller connected.
  • Fixed issue where drone selection screen would show an empty lineup in certain circumstances
  • Updated: the drone selection screen will now default to your currently selected drone, if it is found in that lineup.