All news 05 February 2021

Update 1.3.8 released!

With this massive upgrade to the HangarC03 environment, we welcome you to the workplaces of the clumsiest container yard crew ever! Their mistakes will become your favorite industrial FPV playground, in an area over 4 times bigger than the original. Discover hidden passageways among the containers, powerloop impressive cranes and try your luck mere inches above the water. We're excited!


  • Added: Hangar C03 revamp.
  • Added: new official Track and Race for The Green (06 - The Nineteenth Hole). Thank you Simon Hirst! 
  • Updated: content settings to reduce the patch size for future updates. 
  • Fixed: floating golfballs in The Green.
  • Fixed: selecting a different date in the leaderboard selection of official races only showed the latest leaderboard available.
  • Fixed: festivity items would sometimes not show up on their set date.
  • Fixed: overall sound and music volume for the Getting Started menu is reduced.
  • Fixed: sound effects in environments are now properly linked to their sound group and can be adjusted again in the audio options menu.