All news 16 December 2020

Update 1.3.7 released!

What if we told you we made one of the best Liftoff environments even better?

The Green got a bit of an update, adding a landmark watertower and an extensive event area, adding new layers to an already exciting environment. We can't wait to see you explore our mini-level within a level :)  On top 1.3.7 brings a bunch of improvements, additions and bug fixes.


  • Updated The Green: it now contains a watertower, event area and a few other details.  (also updated in the Night Fever DLC!) 
  • Updated: All tracks and races have been given a proper and unique name.
  • Added: 5 new Cyber-themed frame skins and 70 new propeller skins can be unlocked through Gift Boxes in the Workbench.
  • Fixed: RC Rates and RC Expo are now uncoupled between pitch and roll.
  • Fixed: Paris Drone Festival street collision issue.
  • Fixed: Throttle Mid would produce wrong results when setting it to a value of 100.
  • Fixed: The G# music block note now has the correct soundbyte.
  • Updated: The Ummagawd Remix frame has been assigned the Ummagawd Corp. brand.
  • Updated: Dropdowns with values that can't fit in the text box will now slowly scroll the name horizontally.
  • Added: A full-screen dropdown option has been added in the graphics menu. Players on the Windows platform can now select more options to select what best fits their needs.