All news 11 November 2020

Update 1.3.6 released!

Joshua Bardwell asked the Liftoff team if we could fix his fence. We were not entirely sure what he meant by that, so we potentially fixed it by breaking it. ;) 

Hopefully that can't be said of the other aspects included in this update, as we continue to work on improvements and fixes for the game. Here's what's included: 


  • Updated: The replay selection now shows the freestyle score instead of the time value when looking for freestyle recordings.
  • Updated: Score values per stunt are now also saved in the recording.
  • Updated: When watching a recording in which stunts were performed, the score per stunt is now shown as well.
  • Updated: When watching a recording, the drone LED and trail color are now set to the color as it was on the drone rather than a predefined color.
  • Updated: Fence in Bardwell's Yard lost a rail as shown in this video.
  • Updated: The manual controller calibration panel has been updated visually to be more consistent in style.
  • Updated: The manual controller calibration panel now shows the current axis value, so you don't have to guess it's values anymore.
  • Updated: The personal ghosts opponents during race now show their name along with their race time, so you know which is which.
  • Fixed: Drone selection in multiplayer is now visible again after having a level being loaded.
  • Fixed: The LIFTOFF! message now correctly disappears in multiplayer infinite race when spectating a player when the countdown wasn't finished yet.
  • Fixed: The drone didn't spawn properly in the Getting Started menu when calibrating your controller.
  • Fixed: An input binding popup was visible by default when entering the input binding phase in the Getting Started menu.
  • Fixed (potentially): Black screen issue after leaving a level. Looking for confirmation!