All news 25 March 2021

Update 1.3.10 released!

We hope you've all enjoyed the Dquad Addiction in update 1.3.9... but we're not yet finished with Dquad :)  This latest update adds the agile Dquad LXR frame, and includes a few smaller additions and fixes too.  With this latest addition Liftoff now features 30 unique frames to pick from!


  • Added: Dquad LXR Frame.
  • Added: Soupape V2 Antenna.
  • Added: Dquad LXR blueprint setup.
  • Fixed: Blurry main menu backgrounds of the Hangar C03 environment.
  • Fixed: Workbench hide UI feature would still show the outer ring of the selected part.
  • Fixed: Audio trigger blocks in the Track Editor now have their audio clip correctly assigned to the 'Effects' volume group.

Dquad LRX

The LRX is their top mount freestyle frame designed for speed and agility. This very light strong frame with a short main body is still able to carry a lipo and HD camera on top. It is compact, agile and made from the highest quality carbon on the market today!