All news 05 March 2020

Update 1.2.9 released!

Update 1.2.9 includes a few fixes and marks the start of a long list of performance updates we are planning for Liftoff. Stay tuned for more! 


  • Improved batching and rendering (performance) in Russian Woodpecker environment.
  • Fixed a bug in the drone OSD that could create lag spikes
  • Fixed issue with tournaments that have no LPL tryout limit.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the creation of Russian Woodpecker LPL tournaments.

PAX East success! 

Our first demo of Liftoff: Drone Racing (Console version) was a massive success. We've had hundreds of people, both gamers and pilots alike, try out our demo at PAX East in Boston.
We've witnessed the future of FPV: people who had never flown a drone before, picked up the gamecontroller and started hitting the racetracks instantly, being excited about drone racing. Amazing to see, it's pure magic! :D Being able to share the excitement of FPV with everyone is a massive achievement, it will allow us to promote and grow the FPV hobby in a way that was never possible before.

Updates and footage of the event was shared on our official Liftoff Community Facebook group. Check it out

International Liftoff Championship news

The first edition of ILC came to an end with a crushing victory of DarKex on March 1st. Congratulations! 

ILC is back in a second edition. Join the Liftoff Pro League tournament and get into the top 16 players between March 2nd and 15th to win prizes and have the opportunity to participate in two broadcast events where you'll be able to show your skill to the World.