All news 20 February 2020

Update 1.2.8 released!

The new Russian Woodpecker level has received universal love from all of the community and we couldn't be more grateful for that. Thank you all for the encouraging words! Nonetheless there's always room for improvements. With update 1.2.8 we have a few fixes ready, and a few fun feature additions too ;)


  • Fixed an issue that made The Green unplayable.
  • Fixed an issue with the goggle animation playing underground in Russian Woodpecker.
  • Fixed an issue with the topdop view of Russian Woodpecker in the Track builder.
  • Fixed a blur effect in the finishscreen of Russian Woodpecker
  • Fixed an issue that prevented RussianWoodpeckerRace01 to be selected in Multiplayer.
  • Updated the textures for the Borrum and Skyliner frames.
  • Added description to the "Russian Woodpecker" in the level selection menu
  • Added "Turtle mode" feature. (Press "T")
  • Added "Launch control" feature.
  • Changed standard button for "Rewind" to "Y".

Turtle mode

Turtle mode allows the pilot to flip an upside-down drone back to normal by pressing a button, or using a controller switch. This is mainly used to recover after a crash.

In order to use turtle mode you can press "T" in game. Alternatively, in order to bind it to a controller switch, go to the main menu, click on "Options", then on "Control", and finally on "Buttons". On the right column, you can assign turtle mode to any switch.

Launch Control

Launch Control allows pilots to control and fix the pitch angle of their drone during a race countdown. This acts as a starting block, allowing more explosive starts. This should be a fun addition for the competitive racers among you.

You can enable launch control on any drone through the flight controller settings, either in the workbench, or through the pause menu during gameplay.