All news 19 February 2020

Update 1.2.7 released!

A big update with a short changelist: "Russian Woodpecker environment added"
It's finally here, the long awaited Russian Woodpecker level. A paradise for the freestyle fans among you, yet a lot of race opportunities on the ground level. We can't wait to see your many dive challenges, freestyle videos and track creations on there!

Level performance

Russian Woodpecker is the most detailed Liftoff environment to date and also one of the biggest in general, as a result we are pushing things to their limits. These past few weeks have been dedicated to optimising this environment to make sure everyone can enjoy it. Nonetheless, we only have a limited amount of test setups to gather data from, that's why we are hoping to get your feedback on the general performance of the Russian Woodpecker. 

Please send us your feedback to, make sure to include your system specs and a description of your experience. With your data we hope to further improve the gameplay experience.