All news 22 January 2020

Update 1.2.6 released

A small but colorful update dedicated to the creative track builders in the community. Some bugfixes included too ;)


  • Added 2 new color variations for the building blocks in The Drawing Board.
  • Fixed weight values being shown for some parts, to be more consistent. 
  • Changed the weight value of some lipos. (Affects your setup? Try the "additional weight" slider)
  • Re-ordered the track elements added in 1.2.5 to be consistent in their order based on their color.
  • Fixed ambient lighting issues in some levels.


The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board has become an iconic part of Liftoff. Originally designed to be a sterile environment for training and practice purposes, it has quickly evolved into a favoured canvas for the most creative people in the community. The more than 2500 creations available on the Steam workshop are downright impressive! 

The Drawing Board, with its grid, blue colors and paper textures has always aimed for a clean "blueprint" look & feel. The limit in color choices being an intentional graphics design choice that safeguards the visual consistency of the level, no matter what the track builder has created. However, since this is such a popular level for creative people, the team at LuGus Studios has experimented with extended color pallets. We have included a neutral white block type and a detail color: the complimentary orange color. We think these additions will allow for more creativity, while safeguarding the clean look that The Drawing Board was designed for. On top, these additions also apply to the Night Fever DLC

We can't wait to see your creations!


Night Fever blocks