All news 20 April 2020

Update 1.2.11 released!

A fun little update dedicated to the wonderful pilot and artist Zoroe


  • Added graffiti art in Bando City and the Workbench by Zoroe
  • Fixed issue with a propeller name that could cause errors in the Workbench.
  • Fixed issue with the sky haze in the background of some environments.
  • Added code redeem feature in the Liftoff Pro account panel.
  • Added new unlockable skins for the Skyliner, Vega and AK Mistral frames
  • Minor bugfixes


Zoroe has lent his exciting artwork to pimp some of the Liftoff environments. We are super happy with the results and can't wait to hear what you think! Zoroe is a designer, graffiti artist, psychonaut and sponsored drone pilot who loves life, making videos and making people's day a bit better. 

Go check out his channel! 

Physics 4.0 available for testing!

A quick reminder: our Physics 4.0 test is still up and running on the Experimental Branch. Want to try out the new physics comming soon to the main version of the game?  Check this out. 
Already on the Experimental Branch? Make sure to change back to the Main public branch to get these updates.