All news 13 March 2020

Update 1.2.10 released!

The Team Mistral AK is here, and we want you to fly it! See you on the race tracks!


  • Added AK Frame Team Mistral
  • Added Hypetrain Cricket
  • Added Hypetrain LeDribV2
  • Added Hypetrain Vortex
  • Added Hypetrain Blaster 1800kv
  • Fixed issue with some assets in the Night Fever versions of The Green and Bando City

The AK frame

When we asked you recently on the Liftoff Community facebook group, what parts you would like to see added in Liftoff, you did not suggest any parts. Instead you made it clear you wanted a new frame, more specifically the AK frame (also know as the AK47 frame) from Team Mistral. Your wish is our command and we are super excited to add this fantastic frame to the latest 1.2.10 update :D

This new French design is a squished 215mm frame, designed with two bottom plates and 6mm thick arms. Every part is cut from very dense "silky" carbon, made in Europe. The AK is a high quality, super sturdy frame, made by the passionate pilots of Team Mistral.