All news 11 May 2020

Skypersonic Simulator

Skypersonic and LuGus Studios have teamed up to create a dedicated Skypersonic simulator powered by the Liftoff simulator technology. 

The Skypersonic Simulator is standalone software, delivered as part of our Liftoff Academy Enterprise program, that allows Skycopter owners to hone their piloting skills by practising in different realistic scenarios, without logistic constraints or risk. Additional features have been included to guide training sessions related to the disinfection and sanitizing system integrated in the Skycopter.

To show our support for a struggling industry, an early version of the Skypersonic Simulator was made available for free during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Skypersonic team remains committed to providing any assistance needed in the war against COVID-19 with these next-generation technologies and services. 

About Skypersonic

Skypersonic takes industrial inspections to a new level. Thanks to its small size and proprietary caged technology, the Skycopter Pro can inspect places no man or machine can reach. Interested in using the Skycopter and Skypersonic Simulator? Request a quotation here. 

About Liftoff Academy Enterprise

Skypersonic is the first Liftoff Academy Enterprise partner. Using award-winning Liftoff Drone Simulations technology, we provide custom simulator experiences catered to brands, products or services. Our team collaborated with Skypersonic to create a tailored Skypersonic drone simulator, based on their specific needs and requirements. Learn more about Liftoff Academy here