All news 01 April 2020

Retro Liftoff announcement!

Hasselt/Belgium, April 1, 2020 – In the drone simulation game Liftoff: Drone Racing, players will be able to experience the excitement of fast-paced air races on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Inspired by the world-wide popularity of retro-gaming, we are excited to add one more console to that list!

Today, LuGus Studios and astragon Entertainment proudly announce Liftoff for Atari 2600. This retro console game will include some completely new features, further details of which will be announced later this year. Of course, developing for such a unique platform creates some extra challenges. Due to hardware and memory limitations the game will have a more select list of content: one environment and three frames. Liftoff for Atari 2600 is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate retro drone simulator experience and offers a dedicated arcade flight system designed for joysticks

Liftoff for Atari 2600 is expected to be released in exactly one year.

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