All news 30 April 2020

Liftoff Kwad Box!

As you read this, this month's Kwad Boxes are being packed and will be shipping to subscribers shortly. Liftoff fans should be excited about this one as this edition contains all kinds of Liftoff goodies, including some exclusive in-game rewards. Though we don't want to soil the secret just yet, we can't wait to show you all some behind-the-scenes unboxing pictures, soon as our box arrives at the studio. No point denying it: the team at LuGus Studios is super excited about this. 

What is Kwad Box?

Kwad Box is a monthly goodie box sent out monthly to subscribers, filled with miniquad goodness!  It's a fantastic project that has excited FPV pilots for years. The idea behind Kwad Box comes from Daniel Sandoval (Xhover) and Chad Kapper (Rotor Riot), who have partnered in a way that utilizes both companies' strengths to make Kwad Box an exciting experience for the customer.  Here's how to get a Kwad Box subscription.

What's in the box?

Ah, we're not supposed to tell... But here's a quick teaser of the exclusive in-game gift ;)


I missed out! :(

Since the Liftoff boxes are being sent out now, existing Kwad Box subscribers will receive the box in the next few days. Luckily, for those of you not yet subscribed, there's an opportunity to win one of the remaining Liftoff Kwad Boxes. We'll send the Liftoff Kwad Boxes seen below as a prize to two random players who conquer a place in the top 20 of the latest Liftoff Pro League tournament. This is your chance to win the cool surprise box full of Liftoff goodies. 

The "Kwad Box Race" can be found in the Liftoff Pro League and is active from April 31st to May 20th. Good luck!