All news 16 July 2018

Liftoff Academy announced


With Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing, we have built a strong product over the past three years, and what’s maybe even more important: a vibrant community. Nonetheless, we also realize that the world of drones is bigger than FPV racing alone. In fact, we regularly see demand for simulations of all kinds of drone technology applications, but it would be hard to shoehorn all that into what is at its core a racing sim. That’s why we will continue to support Liftoff, but will also create a space for all these ‘professional’ applications in Liftoff Academy.

Liftoff Academy will expand the Liftoff series into the world of drone businesses, research, development and home use. The software will provide a series of tools and features to craft a multitude of scenarios, ranging from search & rescue missions to security and maintenance tasks, agricultural applications and more. Drone setups will be completely customizable and can be equipped with different sensors, instruments and navigation tools to fit the needs of specific objectives and training sessions. Data, statistics and replay functions will be made available to help users analyze their performance in the virtual field.

Just like with Liftoff, we are committed to making this an exciting and evolving platform for everyone to explore. Right now, we’re actively looking for industry partners to get involved and help inspire our vision for the project. We’ll also definitely be offering customized versions and experiences for businesses and research institutes on request. Last but not least we are eager to get the Liftoff community involved in helping us shape this Liftoff spinoff. What are you hopes and wishes for Liftoff Academy? Let us know!

Liftoff Academy will be made available as a service in 2021.