All news 15 October 2020

Liftoff 1.3.3 released & other fixes

Update 1.3.3

V1.3 was a massive internal update for the entire Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing project. As anyone who's ever worked in software development can testify, one huge fix tends to create three small bugs. Thanks to the many reports, support messages and forum posts we received from all you over the past few weeks, we managed to pinpoint (and fix!) a whole host of issues.

Because we wanted to return to a completely stable experience as fast as possible, we have been rolling out these fixes gradually, starting with the most pressing issues. In fact, if you've played Liftoff recently, you've already been playing 1.3.1 or 1.3.2, because we're sneaky like that. However, since we didn't want to swamp you in technical update news, we decided to bundle several of these small bug fixes into one post, along with the release of the latest 1.3.3.

Note: apart from bug fixes and some improvements, these updates also allow you to pick a more modern rendering API if your system supports it. Read all about it here.


1.3.3 Update Notes

  • Added Vulkan rendering mode for Windows.
  • Added a search bar to the level, Multiplayer leader board and Tournament selection screens, to quickly search through content.
  • The blackbox tuning tool is now active by default when doing a Test Flight from the Workbench.
  • The blackbox tuning tool  has been given a facelift and is now properly visually integrated in the Drone HUD.
  • Updated the personal leader boards in the level selection menu for race and freestyle game modes.
  • Reduced standard build size from ± 17GB to ±12GB.
  • Reduced operational memory footprint.
  • Moved Night Fever content to a different folder to prevent file name issues on non-case sensitive file systems.
  • Fixed: level selection, Multiplayer leader board selection and Tournament selection screens are now properly populated again after having been in an environment before.
  • Fixed: when entering the Workbench to open gift boxes, not having any boxes now correctly sends you directly to the drone editing mode.
  • Fixed: the loading indicator in the Replay selection screen would sometimes remain visible, even if it wasn't loading anymore.
  • Fixed: scroll speed in many dropdowns on Windows and Linux has been sped up and should be usable now.

1.3.2 Update Notes

  • Resolved multiplayer stuttering issues (a default drone is now visualized when another player joins in the game. Assets of other drones are only loaded once you reset yours.)
  • Correct representation of actual room environment variant (We were wondering why Night Fever was suddenly SO popular.)
  • Internal rework of Multiplayer in-game activity. It should better represent the other players' statuses.
  • Updated the loading status bar to include a new state and added actual loading progress of each individual step.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer Free Flight walking spawn positions are now properly patched through to other players.
  • Fixed: the player's level was visually cut off in the Tournament selection menu.
  • Fixed: Couldn't take off in multiplayer race.
  • Fixed: Night Fever label being visible in the replay selection menu when it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed: Screen flashing during loading.

1.3.1 Update Notes

  • Custom music player preference is now toggled off by default.
  • Added some extra information in the game log file. Knowing which version of the game is running should make support requests easier.
  • Fixed: removed a floating grey box in the level selection screen.
  • Fixed: the player's level was visually cut off in the level selection menu.
  • Fixed: Incorrect depth of field effect while flying in third person.
  • Fixed: third person camera smoothness.
  • Fixed: black screen issue in multiplayer when spectating a player that quit to the main menu.
  • Fixed: Night Fever toggle being visible in the multiplayer room creation when the player didn't have access to Night Fever content.