All news 10 August 2020

IUDRO eSports Series

The brand-new Liftoff-IUDRO eSports Series simulator, powered by Liftoff Drone Simulations technology, is now live on Steam. The new eSports league already made its international debut, “going above expectations” according to several team pilots. This version of Liftoff was created as part of the Liftoff Academy Enterprise program. 

Liftoff-IUDRO eSports Series can be accessed via Steam using the unique code ‘UniversityDroneRacing’ in the Betas Tab. While the game is available to all, only teams and individuals registered with IUDRO will feature in IUDRO’s Official 2020 Season League Table. 

Interested in learning more about this fantastic eSports initiative? Make sure to check out the IUDRO website!  Want to register a team? Contact IUDRO for a free registration form. 


IUDRO, International Universities Drone Racing Organisation, is the world's first company that globally regulates and organizes inter-university drone racing events. Its mission is to accelerate the sustainable adoption of drone technology through the excitement of our sport.

About Liftoff Academy Enterprise 

Using award-winning Liftoff Drone Simulations technology, we provide custom simulator experiences catered to brands, products or services. Our team collaborated with IUDRO to create a dedicated spinoff, based on their specific eSports needs and requirements. Learn more about Liftoff Academy here