All news 23 December 2020

First patch released on PlayStation 4 and XboxOne

An update has been released for Liftoff: Drone Racing on PlayStation 4 and XboxOne, including a bunch of bug fixes, general improvements and some much requested features. Enjoy!



  • Mode 1 can be chosen now (in the flight settings menu)
  • Zero throttle at stick center (in the flight settings menu)
  • Rewind is now available on L3 (PlayStation) / LSB (Xbox)


  • The default player settings have been changed to have an increased field-of-view, full assist, and 3rd person view
  • Default RC Rates to feel less twitchy (all assist levels with the exception of Full Assist)
  • The Quick Setup menu now shows the environment being selected
  • The Drone dropdown now shows which drones are player-created, making them easier to find
  • Exiting the Workbench now returns the player to the previous menu instead of the main menu. Players will get back to the Career menu for example
  • The ‘Play’ button in the Quick Setup is now directly selectable navigating to the right instead of going all the way down
  • The pause menu now allows to return to previous menu’s, where the player came from
  • Drone selection is now also available in the pause menu when playing a Career episode. The drone selection is filtered based on the available drones and rewarded parts
  • The Season 2016 finale difficulty is adjusted now. The A.I. played too aggressive and have been turned down. 
  • When entering a flight level, a new music track is started
  • ACRO tutorial dialogs to reflect Mode 1 versus Mode 2 control schemes
  • The credits list has been updated with additional names


  • Texture errors
  • The drone swarm in the Hannover Night level is now orientated correctly
  • 3rd person level of details of the drone when the field-of-view was increased
  • The Ummagawd Remix frame now shows the correct brand name
  • The Borrum and Fibonacci parts received in Season 2015 did not allow you to select the drone when edited in the workbench through the Career menu