All news 16 January 2020

eSport Rhein-Neckar Liftoff division

The competitive scene of Liftoff is ramping up in 2020. We have the regular Liftoff Pro League tournaments, the French Rotor's Cool leagues and starting this year there will be a new Liftoff division within the German eSport Rhein-Neckar club (ERN)

The new division will start with a weekly flying / training session in Liftoff (every Thursday at 18 pm) and will gradually expand to more initiatives such as: 

  • Regular local Liftoff tournaments
  • Tiny Whoop style activities
  • Setting up a "crafting corner" 
  • Countless other projects.

To celebrate the official announcement of the ERN Liftoff division, this update includes some new ERN branded track elements!