All news 31 March 2020

Community Spotlight!

These past few weeks we have seen some absolutely amazing Liftoff videos and track creations from the community. You guys are awesome!  It brings us great joy to see the Liftoff community continue to have fun in a safe, but exciting simulator environment, from the comfort of their homes. We want to thank you all for sharing that excitement with us and with each other. Taking inspiration from the biggest FPV community and our good friends at Rotor Riot, we want to highlight some of that quality content.

What better way to do so than to start with the latest Community Spotlight from Rotor Riot. We are excited to see they have embraced simulators and have a section dedicated to your awesome Liftoff videos. Congratulations to everyone that has been selected! 

We are massive fans of this awesome "Training Day" compilation by Pavel Hůrka

An exciting comparison video of some impressive International Liftoff Championship results:

Last but not least, we want to highlight some amazing creations from a rising star in our track building community: Gabry Gas. Check these out! :o


Please remember: be safe, stay inside... and play Liftoff! ;)