Update 0.13.10 released!

Update 0.13.10 released!

The Gremlins are here! Liftoff’s first micro quad


  • Added FT Gremlin Boar frame.
  • Added 2 Superius lipos (3s and 4s).
  • Added BMin 1104 Motor.
  • Added BMin 2345 triblade.
  • Added Micro Cam.
  • Added advanced fish AI
  • Minor bugfixes.

What happened?

We announced the Gremlin for Liftoff in January. Our plan was to get in in the game a few days later. It’s March now, so what happened exactly?

We wanted to make sure the Gremlin would fly realistically. That’s why Flite Test had send us one to fly at the studio first. The package arrived in Belgium a few days later, but got stuck in customs. Many hours of phone calls and e-mails, and the involvement of our lawyer were required to finally get the Gremlin at the studio a month after it arrived in Belgium. It was all worth it! It’s a fun little quad to fly 🙂

Crucial in this story is the continuous patience and support from the team at Flite Test: they have been fantastic from the beginning until the end. Everyone who follows Flite Test will know these guys are the most friendly and postive-minded people in the FPV world and that’s not an act. We are grateful for the work they did to make this happen and the inclusion of the Gremlin in Liftoff is just the start of many things we can do together.