Update 0.12.6 released!

Update 0.12.6 released!

This update will give you a complete new appreciation for your “T” key, a hidden love you never knew about 😉
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  • Added Rewind. By default bound to ‘T’ on the keyboard.
  • Added ‘Disable rewind’ as a multiplayer room option. It is also included in the set of purist game modifiers.
  • Added ‘Disable rewind’ to the tournament rulesets.
  • Updated how Timed Tryouts are displayed in tournaments.
  • Re-ordered keybinding entries in the Button Setup menu for a more logical ordering.
  • Updated the Multiplayer Leaderboards scene. All data is now available in-game.
  • Added new official AutumnFields track and race, designed by DerHonk.
  • Rework of Liftoff-Steam integration for faster and more stable content access.

Rewind feature

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Liftoff experience. For a while we’ve been thinking about how to increase your flight-time and decrease the downtime. We want you to be more in the air and less on the ground!

That’s why we are adding a rewind system in this update. No longer will “R” (Reset) be the only option when you crash. By hitting the “T” key you can now rewind the path of your drone for up to 10 seconds, and afterwards continue flying as if nothing happened. We’ve been testing it for a few days and we feel we’ve succeeded in increasing our actual flight time. Practicing in Liftoff is now more fun than ever.

As always, this feature is completely optional. Where races and tournaments are concerned, we feel this is not really a cheat, as the race timer keeps counting while you rewind. It simply means you’ll be able to finish more races. 

We would love to get your feedback on this feature!