Update 0.10.15 released!

Update 0.10.15 released!

Well that’s quick! Less than 24 hours ago we released the 0.10.14 update.  This new update was supposed to be a quickfix update for 0.10.14 but the changes are important enough to warrant its own version number.


  • Fixed issue where building blocks in The Drawingboard didn’t give any or little hit damage.
  • Fixed issue that disabled the camera noise toggle in-game.
  • Fixed UI issues caused by switching to spectator mode.
  • Reset fade decreased by half, respawning should be quicker now.
  • Slighly decreased display time of “LIFTOFF” in the race countdown.

Frenzy Tournament

For the last few months we have organised Liftoff Pro League Tournaments on a regular basis. You seem to really enjoy them and we will continue to organise them!
Today we launch another tournament, this time featuring a track created by a talented track designer called Frenzy. May the best pilot win!