Update 0.10.13 released!

Update 0.10.13 released!

Realism has always been a key factor for Liftoff and with the introduction of battery simulation, we add an extra layer of realism to the Liftoff experience. Discover this, and more, in our new 0.10.13 update!


  • Implemented battery simulation
  • Added new race countdown visual
  • Added proper Vortex 180 description
  • Added additional versions of the action cams
  • More frames now support action cams
  • Updated to Unity engine 5.6.3, should fix some Linux issues
  • Fixed visual issue with fisheye on MacOS
  • Fixed drag model for Dquad Obsession
  • Fixed issue with resolution resetting
  • Minor Bugfixes

Battery simulation

We have finally added battery simulation, making Liftoff an even more realistic experience! While this feature is optional, we feel it’s a complete game changer and makes the gameplay more interesting and fun. Winning will no longer be about punching the throttle from start to finish and picking the fastest setup. There’s going to be strategy involved. You’ll have to learn when to use your power and you’ll have to decide between power vs efficiency all the time. We are really excited about this and we suspect it will make the gameplay more interesting and layered. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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