Update 0.10.1 released!

Update 0.10.1 released!

The release of the 0.10.0 update was a huge milestone for us and we have received some well founded and constructive feedback from the community. The team didn’t hesitate to get started on a new update that further improves the new features.  We also did a much needed upgrade of the project to the latest version of the Unity engine. This upgrade will open up new doors for us in the future, related to new features, content but most of all optimisation work.


  • Fixed a propeller asset being inverted.
  • Added 5 more propellers.
  • Updated 2 motor visuals (Lumiere  & Freezer).
  • Added 2 new motors.
  • Added HORIZON mode (press “A” to switch).
  • Fixed first 10% of throttle now functioning (thanks @ community feedback!).
  • Lowered player icons in multiplayer to prevent overlap with the new speed indicator.
  • Custom tracks en races are now possible in tournaments. More tournaments incoming!
  • Added the option to resend a verification e-mail for unverified LPL accounts.
  • Fixed button highlight colors of the BetaFlight menu in the workbench.
  • Updated the different pause menu panels to be more consistent in white-spaces.
  • Fixed text ticker issue in the tournaments lobby.
  • Fixed the screen fader that it is always on the foreground.
  • Fixed button texts in the BetaFlight menu and TrackEditor menu.
  • Upgraded project to latest Unity version:
    • Improved lighting across the board.
    • Minor overall performance increase.
    • Fixed potential shader issues.

Propwashed Spring Tournament winner!

We are happy to see the latest Liftoff Pro League tournament was a huge success! This tournament was dedicated to our friends at Propwashed, our favourite FPV quadcopter website. They’ve been kind enough to provide some cool prizes: tshirts, stickers and a micro quadcopter! How awesome is that?!

Congratulations to the winner of the tournament: Ofordo

Make sure to check their website and giving them a like on Facebook!