Update 0.7.4 dedicated to Mr-Hcap

Update 0.7.4 dedicated to Mr-Hcap

Update 0.7.4 contains no new features, no content, no changelist. It is solely dedicated to a legend, the best pilot the Liftoff community has ever known: Jules Cuvelier, also known as Mr-Hcap.

Some weeks after the sad news, we find that Mr-Hcap is still very much a part of our community. His Liftoff videos can be found on every page, group and forum dedicated to Liftoff. His speedy race results are still among the top times on the leaderboards. Most of all, the community still speaks of him daily. It’s as if Jules is still racing with us and with update 0.7.4 we’ve tried to make that a reality.

Jules’ family was kind enough to send us some of his game files and we were excited to find Jules’ flight data in those files.  This update contains his flight data, which can be activated in the Dubai Legends race by pressing “H”. Keep flying, Jules.


Jules’ father wrote a nice text that he wanted to share with the community, you can read it here (French). We made an English translation:

Jules, my sweet little Jules, he could only move his hands. Without strength, just with the smallest of movements. Just enough to move the joysticks of a remote control, with his thin and precise fingers.

With skill and intelligence he piloted: his chairs, as a child, remote-controlled cars, later helicopters and finally, for a while now, his drones with which he took flight and that made him so brimming with projects…

Virtual racing stimulated and connected him to a whole community around the world. He was impatient to do real races, for which he began to train whenever the rain stopped long enough for us to drive to the countryside.

Just recently Jules told us: I have good news. I won the race. 

Jules was a small being, so physically fragile, yet at the same time so morally strong that he was an example to many of the people he met. Jules, I miss you so much.

Your dad