We have a winner!

We have a winner!

He’s known by the community as Dr.Knot but from this day on he’ll also be known as the winner of the very first Liftoff Tournament. Congratulations Dr.knot!

So who’s our hero?

We asked him some questions and this is what he had to say:

  • Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.

I’m an 18 year old student living in the outskirts of South West London. I started flying properly 3 years ago, starting with the dreaded kk2 after my hubsan x4. Was into fixed wings for a while, I don’t fly them much anymore even though they’re a load of fun. I got my first job to help fund the hobby, after spending far too much of my savings in a very short period, I’m a gymnastic coach for a few hours twice a week which is just enough to buy props :D.

  • How did you get involved with Liftoff? How did you discover it?

I’ve known about liftoff since it first came out in early access, i was waiting for multiplayer to be released to see if it was worth it. I found out about the multiplayer from reddit, and bought it almost instantly. I had tried other simulators in the past, but they became too expensive.

  •  What’s your favourite Liftoff track? Why?

Favourite track is Eastside FPV in Liftoff Arena. I find it the most technical track, however it’s also the most frustrating, that tower seems to come out of nowhere.

  • Make a guess: if Liftoff were real life, how much money would the hours of flying (or crashing) have cost you?

This comes up a lot as a discussion in the in-game chat,  I think I average 30 crashes an hour, 10 of those I would need a whole new quad, 10 would involve a couple new motors, new vtx, camera and antenna and battery, the rest would just be new props.  I’ve played 62 hours, that’s £234,980 in vortex pros, £21,080 in new motors, £13,640 in batteries, £1364 in props, £15,500 in vtx, over £1000 in antennas. A scary amount. Do you have a spare 620 vortex pros ImmersionRC? 😉

  • How’s your real-life racing?

I don’t know, I haven’t raced in real life, I usually just fly around my local park and do a few flips over the trees, them go home after things break. I don’t go out flying that much, my quads are usually needing repair.

  • I think everyone is impressed by your results. What tips do you have for the other players?

Practice a lot! Spectate other players and see what line they take around the track, ask what motors and props they are using and play with the pids and rates to have the quad fly how you would like.

  • You get one Tweet’s worth of characters (140 characters) to do some self promotion. Go!
Steam and Reddit: DrKnot
Any company interested in sponsoring me? Fatshark? ImmersionRC? 😛