Community & competition

Community & competition

It’s always been our goal to make Liftoff about more than just flying alone. We want to capture every aspect of the FPV drone racing sport. With this philosophy in mind, early on in the development we decided to include the option to customize your drone and to create your own race tracks, things that FPV drone enthusiast likely spend as much time on as on flying itself. We are very excited to see the same conversations happening in the Liftoff community as in real life: “what drone setup are you using?”, “what’s your favourite place to fly?”, “how can I improve my race times?”.

With the addition of the multiplayer we are close to reaching our next goal: getting community driven competitions going.

What will we do?

The Liftoff team is committed to provide as many tools and options as possible to get this done.

  • Soon you’ll be able to use custom tracks in the multiplayer. You organize real races? Create your track in Liftoff, share it with your participants and practice in Liftoff with everyone. Can’t make it to a race event? Compete anyway in Liftoff!
  • Leaderboards: show the world you master your favourite track! Leaderboards will be the easiest way to compete against other players all over the world. We’ll reset these leaderboards on a regular basis so the competition will stay fresh. A Hall of Fame system will honor the best pilots of all time.
  • Online competitions. E-sports are a big thing and it’s our dream to get a whole e-sports ecosystem to form around Liftoff. While we hope the community will take on this challenge, we are very much committed to providing more tools and game systems to making this easier to organise.

What can you do?

  • Funny enough, while writing this blogpost a new “Liftoff Racing Community” group was started on Steam by community member Lonnopo. That’s exactly what we were planning to suggest. Every Steam user is free to create their own community on Steam. You can invite other players to this Steam group, you have your own comments section, chatroom and even an event calendar. What’s most useful is the ability to see who of your Steam group is playing Liftoff. It’s the perfect way to arrange multiplayer sessions between players.
  • Private rooms in Liftoff: want to arrange a race between friends? Create a private room and share the room name with your friends. With the useful “Join room by name” function, your friends can easily join, without other players interfering with your plans.
  • Online competition is a big thing for us, and we have lots of plans to make it easier and faster to arrange competitions. Still, we can learn a lot from community initiatives. We are very interested in supporting competitions organised by the community.  If you have plans to get something going, make sure to let us know.