Steam Workshop explained

Steam Workshop explained

With Steam Workshop, players are able to share their Liftoff Tracks and Races with others players through the push of a button. This helps track builders to quickly reach a large group of players for their creative content, while other players get access to a large pool of user-generated content and expand their Liftoff experience.

Community hub

The Steam Workshop platform is integrated at several locations in Liftoff. First of all, the Community tab in the main menu is now live and allows you to quickly access several social hotspots. Here you get access to the latest development updates, news, setup guides for your controller, the home of Liftoff’s Steam Workshop, and you can start or participate in discussions.

Downloading new content

In the Track and Race selection menu, you will now find a new panel at the end of the list. Selecting this panel will open up the Steam Overlay and direct you to the Workshop for downloading user-generated Tracks and Races. Hitting the Subscribe button of a Workshop item will automatically start the download for that item, and moments later, that item will be available for you to play in Liftoff without restarting.

To cope with the potentially large list of content you can have, we’ve also added a content filter that allows you to display only content that is yours, built into Liftoff, or downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

Sharing content

To share Tracks and Races that you created, you will find the share button in the Track Editor and Race Editor. The share menu will allow you to fill in some information about the content and share it. When the process has completed successfully, it will automatically open the Steam Overlay so you can add additional details, screenshots or videos, and make comments.

However, take note that the share button will only be available for content you created. It is not visible when you’ve loaded a built-in or Workshop item.

Some types of content depend on other content. A Race, for example, always relies on a Track. That’s why, if you want to share your Race, you will first have to make sure the associated Track is also available on the Workshop. You will be notified in the game when the sharing of additional content is required.

Content version

During Race selection, you might come across a message that says a Race depends on an older version of a Track. This is nothing to worry about. It simply means that the Race was created for a certain Track, but the Track was altered later on and saved. Liftoff internally allows for this possibility by saving different versions of files each time they are saved. The Race will still playable, but the old version of the Track will be used, rather than the more recent version that you might for example see in Free Flight or the Track Builder.

You can get rid of this warning by updating and saving the Race in the Race Editor. When a Race is updated, it will automatically use the latest version of its Track.

Your existing content

Behind the scenes, a lot has changed on how Liftoff manages content and how it is stored on your computer. This means that the content you created or downloaded from other sources will undergo a small, one-time conversion process to adapt it to the new data format. Tracks will automatically be playable for Free Flight. Races, however, will have to be revalidated and saved in the Race Editor. A warning message will be displayed under the Race in the Race selection menu to warn you of this.

We do this to make sure that custom Races receive an additional check that they are still indeed playable, and to prevent invalid Races from accidentally ending up on the Steam Workshop if you decide to share them. Any content uploaded to or accessed from the workshop will automatically use the new format.