Milestone 0.5.0 released!

Milestone 0.5.0 released!

We are excited! Today we release version 0.5.0, the last milestone update before our multiplayer release, and we can’t wait to see you guys get your hands on what we’ve added.  Update 0.5.0 is completely focused on community and content sharing …and we throw in Line of Sight gameplay as a bonus.


  • Steam workshop integration: easily download and share tracks and races in-game
  • Added content type categories and filter
  • Changed track and race data (backend)
  • Added Line of Sight gameplay and functionality
  • Option to run around in free flight and place you drone wherever you want as a starting point
  • Added links to community menu: blog, discussions, workshop, guides  and social media.
  • Added tips and tricks to the loading screen.
  • Changed floor textures in Hangar C03.
  • Added new objects to Track Builder: LED arrows and banner structures.
  • Objects can now be placed further from the player in the track builder.
  • Minor bug fixes

Steam workshop integration

The Steam Workshop is a central hub of player-created content, along with tools to publish, organize, and download it into games like Liftoff. For your convenience, we wrote up a short overview of what the Workshop can do for you.

Line of Sight and walking

Free Flight mode has also been given some additional functionality. While the standard behavior remains the same, you can now also switch into walking mode, which allows you to place your drone anywhere you like before taking off. This way, you can explore all corners of the environments and take off from all kinds of crazy locations. Toggle walking by pressing Return (keyboard), A (XBox controller) or X (Playstation controller) or whatever button you choose instead.

Liftoff now also has a LOS camera perspective. Switch between the regular viewpoints and LOS with B (keyboard) or the right stick press (XBox and Playstation controller). As usual, these controls can be bound to any other button of your choosing.

Tips and tricks

Since we are getting closer and closer to what we consider a beta version (all main features integrated), we are slowly moving our efforts to improving the usability of the game. We noticed a lot of cool Liftoff features are unknown to many players, and can only be discovered by exploring the button setup window. In 0.5.0 we add a first feature aimed at improving this situation, by showing useful tips during the loading screen. In future updates we’ll continue our efforts to make Liftoff more easy to use.