Linux version released!

Linux version released!

Since the first Early Access release, Liftoff has been available for both Windows and Mac. From day one community members have asked for a Linux version. We are happy to finally provide an experimental version to our Linux users on Steam.

However, for the time being, Windows and Mac remain our main target platforms. This means our Linux version will not get the same development update cycle as the main platforms.  Since Liftoff receives an update almost every one or two weeks, adding platforms at this time requires a lot of additional work. It means we not only have to create separate builds for the different platforms, but also requires more testing and issue solving. Adding Linux as a main platform, to be updated at the same rate, would severely slow down our development process.


As stated above, Linux won’t get the same regular updates as our PC and Mac platform get. We hope to create new Linux versions for every milestone update.  Obviously, after our v1 release Linux will be considered a main platform like the others and will get the same amount of love.

Linux subforum

We have to confess: we are by no means Linux experts. In fact, we specifically built a Linux machine at the studio in order to start development support for this platform. That’s why we are looking to the Linux community to help us out! We need your feedback and guidance on the newly created Linux subsection on our Steam forums. To all Linux users: head over to these forums and tell us about your Liftoff experience on Linux. Thanks!