Version 0.3.2 released!

Version 0.3.2 released!

Oh what a week… the flu tried to close us down all week, but we challenged it back!  Today we release a small update, 0.3.2. This one doesn’t come with a long list of features and bug fixes, but does contain a long awaited new environment to fly in.

Explore Hangar C03

Hangar C03 is a new urban environment, perfect for those pilots interested in navigating challenging obstacles and doing crazy tricks. We can’t wait to see what crazy tracks you guys come up with in this environment. Make sure to share some videos!


  1. Daniel Blyth

    Very excited for this one, cant wait to check it out

  2. Isak

    Loving the simulator! When is the multiplayer expected to be available?

  3. Dumbthumbs

    Hi my real name is Roy but dumbthumbs best describes my quad flying ability. I purchased Liftoff from Steam and think it is great the way it is but please don’t stop making improvements for me. Looking forward to your revisions. How do I upgrade my software as you make changes? Thanks DT’s

  4. RoToR

    Good news !
    Do you have a date for the fix of pitch with throttle bug ?
    The more I give throttle, the more the quad is pitching forward alone, without instructions of the taranis.
    Thanks !

  5. SirVodkat