Milestone 0.3.0 released!

Milestone 0.3.0 released!

The last few weeks have been very crucial for the development of Liftoff. Not only did we finish the Race Editor (not to be confused with the Track Builder) that allow you to add functionality to your Tracks, but we also completely revamped the internal flight behaviour code. To do so, we first had to completely break the internal workings of the game. That’s why we have been unable to release small updates for a while until all of this was finished. The good news is:  that work is now done, the bad news: … none 😀

We’ve also been teasing some new environments on our Facebook page. While these are not yet included in 0.3.0, they  will be added in the next updates.

This update includes

  • Changing parts has a more profound effect on the flight behavior.
  • We’ve replaced the old throttle curve with a curve based on Cleanflight. You can now change the Mid and Expo value just as you would there. You can find these values in the flight controller settings in the pause menu.
  • Mid (a value between 0 and 100%) allows you to set the percentage of output you generate at 50% throttle. You can adjust this to have the drone hover at a comfortable stick position.
  • Expo (a value between 0 and 100%) allows you to adjust the curve of the throttle. A higher value allows more precision around the mid point and faster acceleration towards the edges.
  • We added the option to move the minimum throttle position in the controller setup window. If this is set, any throttle below that percentage will be considered zero. You can use this in game controllers to use only the upper half of the throttle stick (or some other value that feels good). It can also be used for controllers that don’t exactly return zero and consequently can’t arm the drone. Setting the value to 5-10% should solve that issue.
  • Drag has been tweaked somewhat.
  • The Race Editor has been added. With the Race Editor, you can create your own Races for custom-built Tracks. You can share and install Races in the same way as Tracks.
  • The Track Builder now has checkpoint items. These can be used for Races. There are gates with predefined checkpoints and freeform checkpoints.
  • The Track Builder has a Checkpoint Toggle Tool.
  • A number of new items have been added to the Track Builder.
  • Some changes to the existing tracks
  • The quad now has collision points under the motors so it can “stand on its feet”. This should make skidding slightly easier.
  • A reset will be triggered automatically when the quad has been upside down for a while.
  • The way in which Track, Race and save files are handled has been changed slightly. Your save file (formerly known as Player.xml) can now be found at:
    [Your Liftoff Installation Folder]/Liftoff_Data/Saves (Windows)
    [Your Liftoff Installation Folder]/ (Mac)
  • A variety of small bugs have been fixed.

Race tool

Tracks have been in Liftoff for a while now, and the community has already created and shared some amazing stuff. Races however are a new thing, included from v0.3.0 onward. Version 0.2.4 already featured a sneak peek of race functionality, but the power to create, edit and share Races for use in the Race game mode is now also entirely in your hands.

Kasper wrote a useful tutorial on how to use the new tool. Feedback is of course always welcome!


Work on multiplayer started

While there’s not a lot we can tell you at this point, we are happy to say that we officially started work on the multiplayer code.  Work on the multiplayer  was originally planned at a much later stage of our development plan. However, based on your feedback we know how much you guys are looking forward to it. Thanks to the amazing support from the community and the help of some new partners (to be announced soon) we are able to speed up our development efforts.
When can you expect to fly against other players? Not too soon unfortunately. It’s not as simple as “simply activating multiplayer”, as some have suggested. 😉 This is a immensely complex undertaking. Not only do we have a lot of planning and development to do, but we also have to set up server infrastructure and do a lot of prototyping and testing.


  1. Frank Aalbers

    Hey guys. Amazing product. Love it ! And also very proud it’s a Belgian production. I grew up in Antwerp. Moved in 1997 to California to work in the movie VFX bizz. I’ve been gathering with droners in the Bay Area. The community has been very active here for several years now. Including big names in the scene.

    Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to actually race during multiplayer !! 🙂


  2. chipko

    I am thoroughly enjoying LiftOff, having a fun experience and developing my skills it has been awesome thus far.

    Now I read Milestone 0.3.0 🙂 How soon will this be published to Steam? I eagerly await to play and test…

    1. LuGusStudios

      it is available now.

  3. Riffer

    Hey ho!

    Great product I agree. But you could make it a little better: Please change the ‘crash’ detection in a way that a copter laying upside down on the ground – without broken propellers – is detected as crashed.

    Another really nice change would be to map a toggle switch of the Taranis to ‘reset’.

  4. Sergey Kalashnik

    Keep up the great work and keep flying! This tool is immensely important to us! Thanks again and am proud to be on the front lines of early releases.

  5. matthew

    i carnt get my radio to work at all using vjoy in the first realise it worked but since the first update the game doesnt see my radio when i click on other transmitters could you sort this please

  6. Mike Hobbs


    I downloaded the update this morning, but it does not seem to be working.
    When I select Free Flight there are no tracks available to me…
    When I select Race all I get is a grey screen…
    When I select Workbench I can edit and save the Quad, but again there are no tracks for testing.
    I am currently uninstalling Liftoff and I will reload in a while and let you know if there is any change.


    HP i5, Windows 10.

  7. Mike Hobbs

    Further to my comments above…. full uninstall including deleting my Liftoff folder within Steam Common cured the problems… all looks good. Thanks for all your work gents!!

  8. Riffer

    There is a annoying bug in the race mode of the game.

    See here:

    Please fix! Thanks!

  9. Breaxta

    Hey guys new flying implementation feels great.

    What I miss is a deadzone for the throttle for my xbox 360 controller.

    Keep up the great work.

    Totally looking forward for the multiplayer!

  10. Andrew

    Enjoying the game. The new Mid throttle feature does not seem to work. I put it to 1% and at mid throttle i am still taking off. The Hover at Mid does not seem to work either.

    And as 1 other commenter mentioned, the crash detection needs some tuning. Get stuck upside down a lot and need to exit and restart.

    Love the good progress though.

  11. Lee Maskell

    It would be really cool if you could map a receiver toggle switch to the reset function. would be nice to not need to reach for the keyboard. acro and self levelling toggle would be pretty cool too!

    1. Lee Maskell

      just realized it is actually a limitation of the PPM adapter I have only supporting 4 channels, I see now I could do it if I get a fancier PPM to USB adapter. Thanks!

  12. Henry Howeson

    Well, if you need any help with testing multiplayer before you release it on the official version then I would be more than happy to help! I have lots of experience in finding bugs as this is one of the things I do to earn myself some money.