Update 0.2.2 released – last update for 2015

Update 0.2.2 released - last update for 2015

It’s been a wonderful year! We end 2015 with a small last update. Enjoy the holidays and expect big things from us in 2016.
Keep flying!

This update includes

  • Made it easier to skid on the floor in Minus Two. This may require you to restart slightly more often when crashing. We’ll continue working on this.
  • Frame and propellers take slightly less damage from collisions.
  • Added arrows to Track Editor.
  • Slight visual update to Track selection menu.
  • Fixed rock collisions in Pine Valley.
  • Fixed issue where sound levels were not properly restored when exiting a level


  1. jean pierre

    great how fast you guys fixed the skid on minus two … thnx !

    and we wish you all happy holidays

  2. Jose Joaquín

    Magnifico, el juego me parece estupendo y va mejorando aunque a mi se me cierra el juego al tratar de modificar el multirotor para cambiar motores,helices,batería, etc

  3. Paul Wrightson

    My Liftoff no longer works properly – I have played it almost every day but this morning it has a refresh rate of around 4 frames a second – any idea what has gone wrong?

    1. LuGusStudios

      No not at all, did you change any hardware on your PC? Is your graphics card active? have you changed your quality settings?