Skypersonic Simulator

Skypersonic and LuGus Studios have teamed up to create a dedicated Skypersonic simulator powered by the Liftoff simulator technology. Skypersonic Simulator is standalone software that allows Skycopter owners to hone their piloting skills by practising in different realistic scenarios, without logistic constraints or risk.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed up some of the early goals and delivery plans for this simulator. In these challenging times, an early version of the Skypersonic Simulator is available to download for free for a limited time.  Additional features have been included to guide training sessions related to the remote disinfecting and sanitizing system integrated in the Skycopter.

The Skypersonic team is committed to providing any assistance needed in our communities in the war against COVID-19 with these next generation technologies and services. Making this early version of the Skypersonic simulator freely available is a first step towards that goal.


Download our free demo

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The first time you open Skycopter Simulator, or whenever you plug in a new controller, you should use the simulator’s calibration tool. In the Main Menu, click on “Options” > “Controls” > “Controller” then click on “Calibrate” > “Start Calibration”.    

After following the instructions on the screen, you should be ready to fly. Optionally, you can go the Main Menu > “Options” > “Controls” > “Buttons” to review or change any key bindings. Skycopters are packed with features you can use from your keyboard or from your controller!    


First steps

Now that you are in the game with your controller working, you are all set to start flying. The main menu's “Fly” section lists the three main sections of the simulator:

  • “Tutorials” will show you some real-life video demonstration of Skycopters being used in different contexts.
  • “Free Flight” allows you to fly without constraints. This mode is great to get a feel for how to operate a Skycopter.
  • “Scenarios” contains two use cases of a Skycopter. They can be used for training.

For more detailed information about the arming procedure, flight modes and other features, please refer to the official Skycopter guide.


OpenTX program (optional)

If you own a Taranis X10 or X10s, you can download our tailor-made openTX program to make the experience even better.

In order to install the model on your controller, you will have to download the OpenTX companion app, connect your controller to your computer in memory storage mode and use the companion app to open the model and write it to the controller. Click here for more information.


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