Update 1.0.7 released

Update 1.0.7 released

Trick or treat! The Gecko is out!


  • Added the Armattan Gecko frame.
  • Added 3 new motors
  • Added 3 new props
  • Added  a new FPV cam
  • Added a legendary skin for the Talon (exclusive for the Halloween tournaments)
  • Added a menu for new Liftoff players to quickly guide them through some essential Liftoff settings before their first flight
  • Added an entry to the tutorial panel in the main menu to go through the setup process again
  • Fixed error in input bindings menu when no controller was connected
  • Fixed ‘???’-characters of player names in multiplayer
  • Minor bugfixes

Armattan Partnership!

The team at LuGus Studios is super excited to announce a new partnership with Armattan.

This update introduced the first Armattan frame in Liftoff, the newly released 3″ Gecko frame. The Gecko is the latest addition to Armattan’s family of mini-freestyle frames.  Designed around the best principals that brought the Japalura and the Rooster to the front of their fields, this frame gives you the best protection and quality that the multirotor kingdom has to offer.


Halloween event!

  • Halloween tournaments

Get your brooms out and race! We have 3 scary, creepy, spooky Halloween tournaments available in the Liftoff Pro League. Placing a time on one of these tournaments will be rewarded with an event-exclusive legendary skin for the Talon frame, that won’t be available in any other way.

  • Pumpkin hunt

We’ve hidden 10 ? pumpkins in all Liftoff environments (except for The Drawing Board). Find them all!

The first one to send us a video showing all of them will be the first proud owner of both a Community Award badge and a 2018 Champions badge, and will receive a one of a kind legendary skin for the Talon!

The pumpkins will disappear again in 2 weeks, so good luck!