Update 1.0.1 released!

Update 1.0.1  released!

With an update as big as the V1 update, many things can go wrong, but the team was excited to see the release went smooth. Nonetheless, a few issues popped up and we have been hard at work with a series of quickfix updates. This brings us to the first new post-launch version update.
Stay tuned for more!


  • Player names in multiplayer are now visible during spectator.
  • Fixed issue with AZERTY-layout keyboards in the email field during account registration.
  • Fixed issue with water that was not being rendered properly on lower graphics settings.
  • Fixed missing DubaiLegendsRace01.
  • Fixed issue with progression bar hanging in the multiplayer race results screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Linux users getting rendering issues.
  • Fixed issue that prevented blueprint edits from saving.
  • Fixed issue that showed wrong release date of the V1 version.
  • Fixed scaling issues with UI elements in the Gift Box animation and the color picker.
  • Fixed issue with the battery icon showing wrong information.
  • Fixed issue that made the character model slide around in the world. 
  • Leaderboards have been wiped. Fresh start!