Update 0.3.7 released!

Update 0.3.7 released!

Hello, folks. Today we have a small update (0.3.7) for you that primarily contains some quick fixes.


  • The reappearance of the “missed checkpoint” bug may have been resolved. It would be useful if you could tell us whether you still encounter it. (This is a difficult one to test at the studio, because it’s unreliable to recreate.)
  • The feedback window has been reimplemented through Google Forms… it should just work…
  • Drone weight is calculated more correctly. This should have a very minor effect on the flight behavior.
  • Some small fixes to tape placement.

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  1. HawkMan

    I just got myself a HDMI to AV box for my fatsharks. but could you guys add an option in the graphics settings to display the actual gameplay on monitor: x as right now it’s really awkward to get the game playing on them.