Track building contest #1

Track building contest #1

We’ve seen some crazy and epic track designers doing their magic with our track building tool the last couple of months. Hundreds if not thousands of people have downloaded and enjoyed these custom tracks. You guys are awesome! For all of you who love designing tracks, we have an opportunity for you: the first Liftoff track building contest!

Your mission is simple, build an awesome track in the newly released Liftoff Arena environment, make sure it has working race functionality and make an awesome video of it. Send your results to and we’ll select the top three results. These three finalists will be revealed to the community, which will then decide who wins the first track building contest!

What can you win?

  • Your time in the spotlight: the honor and respect of more than 15.000 Liftoff players.
  • Your track and race will be released as official built-in content in an upcoming Liftoff update.
  • The CEO of LuGus Studios will write a personalized recommendation on your LinkedIN profile, social media page or portfolio, honoring your contribution to Liftoff and your design skills.
  • 5 Steam keys to share with friends and family for a total value of €100.

Track building guidelines

  • The track must be built in the Liftoff Arena environment.
  • The track must have an accompanying race, created in the Race Editor.
  •  The design must be believable. It should be possible to build the track in real life.
  • Use track items in reasonable and realistic numbers. Too many assets could negatively affect the performance of the game, so keep your fellow players in mind.
  • While we do not prohibit the use of external track building tools, the results must be reproducible with just the tools provided in the game.
  • Contestants can send in a maximum of two tracks for the contest. These can be variations of the same track.
  • Designers can send a maximum of 2 tracks for this contest. This could be a variation of the same track.

How to submit your track?

  •  Make sure your track follows the design guidelines provided in this blog post.
  •  Send the Track and Race xml files to
  • Use “TRACK BUILDING CONTEST” as your email title.
  •  Create a Youtube video of your track, showcasing your design to the dev team and the community. Provide a link to the video in your email.
  • Send the results before April 20.


The team is excited to see your results. Good luck and enjoy!


  1. Scott

    Is there a way to make sure that the track was made within the actual game editor? There is a guy going by the name HyphPV who makes tracks in a custom external editor. I’m sure he has given the editor to a few other people to. Designing within the sim is many orders of magnitude more difficult because one is limited to moving along the ground to create a track making some connections impossible. If he or someone he knows submits to this contest it would be an unfair advantage. I am not building a track but I thought this information should be put out there.

    1. LuGusStudios

      As the rules state, they can use external tools as long as they don’t end up with results that are not possible with the ingame tools. In theory, our track system is an open system and since users have access to the XML files anyone can hack it or write tools for it (infact we love seeing those community initiatives).

  2. Colby

    I agree. External mods should not be allowed. It’s not fair for those of us who use the game as it was meant to be used. There’s no way we can win against a modder.

  3. KB

    I bought Liftoff and I like it a lot! I was interested in what engine you were using and if you were going to provide the game source code for people that know game developing. Or perhaps any tips on how to get these physics?

    1. LuGusStudios

      We are using the Unity engine. We currently have no plans to go open source.

  4. Fredrik Holmberg

    Is it to late to submit a track tomorrow april 20th?

    1. LuGusStudios

      It’s still ok to submit one tomorrow.