Liftoff V1 release notes

Liftoff V1 release notes

The mother of all updates, V1 is not only the biggest update in the history of Liftoff development, but also the start of a new era for the game. With this version we end the Early Access program for Liftoff and consider the game officially launched!

Here’s what’s new:

Project status

  • Official launch of Liftoff on Steam
  • Added a game subtitle on Steam, the game will now be shown as “Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing”

Liftoff Physics 3.0 update

  • Quads should now fall faster when throttle is cut.
  • Quad controls should now feel more responsive, and a bit snappier.
  • The cornering behaviour is improved. Thrust can be used more efficiently to control the quad’s trajectory.
  • If you use a low camera angle (between 0° and 45°), you should experience a downforce when racing and cutting throttle. If you use a higher camera angle, you will feel a strong deceleration and/or a downward push in same circumstances.
  • All parts were re-balanced and are more realistic.
  • Battery Draining is slower and closer to reality.
  • Weight is now as important as in real-life, and so is thrust-to-weight ratio. High ratio will make your build powerful and very controllable in curves, and lower ratios will bring more “driftiness” to your flight.


  • Added Bardwell’s Yard environment.
  • Added Bardwell’s YardRace01.
  • Added Rotor Riot CL1 Frame.
  • Added BQE Bot 5 frame.
  • Added 8 new motors, including the Atom Bomb Baby.
  • Added 9 new propeller types.
  • Added 2 new antennas.
  • Added 5 new lipo types.
  • Added 164 Rare unlockable cosmetic items.
  • Added 71 Epic unlockable cosmetic items.
  • Added 40 Legendary unlockable cosmetic items.
  • Added generic skin variations for most branded track elements in the track builder.


  • Added player progression system: gain XP and level up while playing. (optional)
  • Added cosmetic rewards: unlock them by leveling up. (optional)
  • Added skin selection menu in Workbench.
  • Added “new” icon to indicate when new content is unlocked in the workbench.
  • Added statistics for selectable setups in drone selection menu.
  • Added drone category: “Community setups”, as an addition to “My Fleet” and “Blueprints”.
  • Upfront drone selection: allow players to edit a setup instead of always having to make a duplicate first. Option to save as a separate version later on.
  • Added Race editor 2.0 (completely revamped):
    • Race editing takes place in-game now, instead of a 2D representation
    • Works with a 3D node connection system.
  • Added Track builder 2.0 (completely revamped):
    • Uses a more point & click approach.
    • Redid all of the UI.
    • Different view modes: normal and top-down.
    • Added track element manipulation tools
    • Added numerical coordinate system for track elements.
    • New selection functionality: ordered by shape type based on “skins”.
    • Added tone variations for  blueprint primitive tone variations
  • Bots now each have individual LED color trails instead of all having the same color.
  • Bots are available in all official tracks now.
  • Bots are now dynamically updated from the server.
  • Added an individual slider for motor sounds in the Audio menu.
  • OSD Axis visualizer is now available during tournament replays and spectating in multiplayer.
  • Added a frame rate slider in the graphics option menu to set a desired frame rate limit.


Fixes and general improvements

  • Streamlined the back-end communication.
  • Removed outdated “Controller and input” video from tutorial. (new tutorial planned after V1)
  • Fixed crashes related to ghosts not being able to load in from disk.
  • Fixed grass rendering in Liftoff Arena environment.
  • Fixed holes in terrain geometry.
  • Fixed water rendering at low graphics settings
  • Menu items now have consistent style.
  • Improved UI audio in general.
  • Updated the tutorial and button setup menu background.
  • Removed LiftoffArenaRace01 and LiftoffArenaRace02
  • Optimised loading speeds and memory usage in drone selection and Workbench
  • Fixed bug that resets drone during rewinds.
  • Changed color presets in the Workbench’s color selection feature (more saturated options)
  • Improved/reworked some older frame and part assets to look better.
  • Removed Early Access popup and changed version indication.
  • Leaderboards have been reset to take into account new flight physics.
  • Drone setups from the workshop can now be deleted from your setup collection.
  • Fixed and improved “out of bounds” indicator.
  • Fixed and improved some environment visuals.
  • Improved Replay feature functionality: fixes and additions.
  • Increased Far Distance rendering to 2km: noticeable in large environments.
  • E-mail field in account registration doesn’t allow copy-paste anymore.
  • After a game-update, a pop-up now asks to check the current controller calibration instead of doing a forced scene load.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Even more minor bug fixes.