EB update: bots and rewards

EB update: bots and rewards

Gamescom is only a week away and that means the team is in full crunch-mode to get the first release candidate for V1 ready. To make sure everything is functioning as expected we need to test a few more things. We hope to count on your help once more. This new Experimental Branch version includes the Liftoff Physics 3.0 update but also introduces a more complete progression and rewards system. We’ve also extended the bots system to function in all official tracks.

Progression & Rewards

We are introducing the latest version of our progression and rewards system. Starting today, you’ll be able to level up, collect rewards and unlock them for 2 weeks long.  All of the progression and rewards will be reset again on 28/08/2018. Later, these features will be made available again on V1, expected to arrive in September. 

We hope that you can help us find out how quickly you can level up in Liftoff, how you feel about the rewards you can unlock. Most of all we want you to help us find exploits of the system, so we can better balance everything.

Want to know more on how to progress in Liftoff and how to unlock rewards, check out this video by RobIsNow.

Liftoff bots

Bots have been available in the game for a while now, but only for the Straw Bale tracks. We are finally expanding the system!

We are introducing bots to all the official tracks. These bots make use of actual player fight data. We’ll need your help in teaching our bots how to fly. How? Simply by completing races on our official tracks.  Your flight data will be collected and dynamically reworked and loaded in for other players to compete against. Bots take into account your personal piloting skills and will adapt to keep every race fun and exciting.
We are excited to learn how you feel about the bots in Liftoff. Thank you!