Update 0.14.2 released!

Update 0.14.2 released!

This update is completely dedicated to our new soundtrack, to be enjoyed in the game right now!


  • Added new soundtrack (12 songs)
  • Fixed some tournament recordings not being saved
  • Memory optimisation for ghost drones and recordings
  • Minor bugfixes


Nightime Burnout

We can’t release an awesome soundtrack like this without telling you some more about it.  We’ve taken the opportunity to interview the talented artist Nightime Burnout about his work.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your passion for music and how you got involved with the FPV community.

My name is Max and I do a lot of music work behind the scenes for Rotor Riot. I grew up surrounded by musicians so there wasn’t a minute of the day that music wasn’t being played. I started to play around with music softwares at age six and I haven’t stopped since! I got into FPV January of 2017 and almost immediately, Rotor Riot was my goto place for learning about everything and anything. After watching the channel for about four to five months, as a lifelong musician, I got tired of the stock music that they were using to avoid any copyright claims. I wrote an email to Chad Kapper and the rest is history! I’m now a proud team pilot for both Rotor Riot and Underground FPV.

Has your work for Rotor Riot influenced your work? Has FPV inspired you to create certain songs?

This is actually a super interesting question. It has for sure. I’ve created songs I didn’t think I ever would have before. For example, in the Rotor Riot Presents: Botgrinder, I teamed up with a local pilot and fellow musician to create a metal track. I’m not a guitarist so it would have never been something I would’ve done on my own. The track ended up going perfectly with the opening sequence!

We agree, it’s perfect!
How long have you been playing Liftoff, and what’s your favourite environment and frame in the game?

I found a video about Liftoff very early on in my FPV days. Almost immediately I picked up a copy and started playing! All long long before I teamed up with the Liftoff guys to make this soundtrack. My favorite environment has to be Hannover. As a freestyle pilot, I like all my tiny gaps and cool structures! The golf course is a close second though. My favorite frame is the Sleek. I fly a chameleon for my main quad in person so the sleek frame reminds me the most of my beloved quad 😛

Tell us a bit about the philosophy behind the Liftoff soundtrack.

The creation of the Liftoff soundtrack was super interesting. Aside from being a lifelong music lover, I’ve also played video games since I was super little. Amongst these games were all of the well known racing titles. Having a musical ear makes you pick up on things. For example, I knew the moment I started with the soundtrack, I had to include drum and bass tracks. The fast paced, floaty, and atmospheric vibes are something that’s commonplace with racing games and I knew it would accent Liftoff well as pilots went full tilt head to head for the win. After I had the first track underway, everything else came to me quickly, one after the other. They all have a similar vibe, even though they are completely different genres in some cases.

We are really happy with the results. What was it like to work with the Liftoff team on making this new soundtrack possible?

The guys at Liftoff were super kind and laid back and made this super fun and no-stress to produce. I uploaded each new version of each track as I went along and got feedback from the team to then go back and tweak the tracks to make them better! This production was my first big job as a producer and I could not be more thankful to the team for taking me on and making my dreams a reality!

Working with you has been a pleasure! Whats next for Nightime Burnout and where can people follow you?

The future of Nightime Burnout is unsure, as all musicians’ futures are. For now, I’m going to keep pumping work out for the guys at Rotor Riot and for my casual fans that just listen to my soundcloud regularly. I have projects in the works that have been under development for more than three years a piece so I’m super excited to share them with you all soon! You can listen to my entire discography at and you can find my FPV content at and

You can also catch me around in the Liftoff and Rotor Riot official Facebook groups!

See you on the race tracks!