Liftoff is not just a game, it’s a community! Everyone involved, including you, have made Liftoff into what it is today and that’s something to celebrate. To show our appreciation for the wonderful Liftoff pilots, we are introducing our award badges. It’s not just our top pilots that can win these badges, but everyone in our community, simply for being awesome!

The badges are sand blasted and gilded or silvered copper badges with a durable safety tack system. They function like actual badges and don’t come with a neck ribbon. You can wear them on a hoodie, a backpack or any other fabric, perfect to bring with you at your favorite FPV event. The safety system makes sure they won’t come loose easily. They comes in plastic gift cases and include a personalised and signed certificate.


Liftoff Pro League 2018 Champion badge

The last months we have been awarding Champion badges to some of the best Liftoff Pro League pilots. These badges are absolutely rare and can only be won by claiming the number one spot of a tournament. Pilots can only win one of these per year, making the top position on the leaderboard highly contested.


Liftoff Community Award badge

Each month, the team at LuGus Studios will select one or two community members to receive a Liftoff Community Award badge: fantastic people who have contributed to our community in all kinds of ways. People who’ve created amazing Liftoff content, who’ve sent us great feedback or simply have shown immense support and kindness towards other people in the community. In other words, it’s an award to celebrate awesome community members!


Everyone can win a badge, including you! Simply show the best of what you have both in the game and outside of it. Excel in making Liftoff bigger and better in all its facets and you might be the next community member to receive one of these badges.  A big thanks to everyone!