Experimental Branch: Visual & performance update

Experimental Branch: Visual & performance update

It’s been a while since we made use of the experimental branch, but now we are dusting it off and once more asking you to help us test some new features before they are available in the main version of the game.

Improved visuals… but better performance!

Wait, the game will look better and perform better at the same time? That’s the idea! It’s the best of both worlds.
In this Experimental Branch version we are changing the way things are rendered in the game. Before, we used three virtual cameras to render everything in layers. In this update we have brought that down to two, decreasing the amount of rendering work needed to create the image on your screen.  This change is expected to bring some performance improvements, but also allows us to add more visual effects to the game.

The motion blur effect has been improved: it now looks better and gives an even better sense of speed than before. We also introduce depth of field effects, basically blurring objects that are really close to the camera.   This mostly affects the ground and foliage in front of the FPV camera and creates an authentic feel of what’s being shown on the screen.  This effect will still be tweaked for the final release. Depth of Field, similar to past visual effects will be completely optional and can be turned off in the graphics options.

We are very excited about these changes, but since it changes a few fundamental things under the hood, we want to test it out on the Experimental Branch first before we release it to the main version of the game. Your feedback will be important for us to make this a success.


A dedicated blogpost about the Experimental Branch (EB), and instructions on how to get it can be found here: Experimental Branch information & instructions


Since rendering things different can have a huge impact on how things look and perform in the game, we would love to get your feedback! Does the game look better? Are you experiencing issues? Does the performance feel better? Let us know!