Update 0.13.12 released!

Update 0.13.12 released!

When we announced our partnership with Rotor Riot, the number one question we got was if we could expect to see more Rotor Riot gear in Liftoff. Absolutely!


  • Added Hypetrain Ummagawd motor.
  • Added Hypetrain Le Drib motor.
  • Moderators now have an option to change MP room settings at all times.
  • Fixed issue with loading bar in the Liftoff Pro League menu
  • Added color icons in chat window
  • Added soft sound notification in chat window
  • Minor bugfixes

Liftoff Pro League improvements incoming!

When we released the Liftoff Pro League a year ago, we had never imagined it would become such a major part of the Liftoff experience.  It’s clear to us that the community loves these tournaments. The team has taken note of that success and is hard at work making the Pro League bigger and better!

We’ll soon be adding replay functionality. This will allow you to watch each and every submission on the tournament leaderboard and see other participants master the track. Not only can you rewatch the submission, but you can also load up to four of them in your own practise rounds, turning your practise sessions into a more social experience. We are not limiting the improvements to the virtual world only: Liftoff Pro League winners now get an official Champions badge, including a signed certificate. These badges are absolutely rare and can only be won by ending in the number 1 spot of a tournament. The Liftoff Pro League just became a little bit more PRO!

More on this soon 🙂