Update 0.13.11 released!

Update 0.13.11 released!

It’s a small update, yet the start of a great partnership!


  • Added an official racetrack for The Green.
  • Added Rotor Riot logo in Splash Screen.
  • The Pilot character now has a Rotor Riot shirt.
  • Fixed arrow highlights in the main menu.
  • Increased amount of Workshop submissions that are allowed per player.
  • Added a 60 fps limiter on the splash screen
  • Multiplayer: Track and Race selection are now sorted the same way as in the single player modes.
  • Multiplayer: added moderator and developer (admin) roles and indicators.
  • Multiplayer: Added ban functionality to our online features to deter abusive players (hopefully never to be used).
  • Minor bugfixes

Rotor Riot

It’s never been a secret that we are huge fans of Rotor Riot. Not only is Liftoff for sale on the Rotor Riot store, but there’s also plenty of Rotor Riot references in the game. Lately we’ve had some really fun talks with the Rotor Riot team and we’ll now be working together with them more closely in the future. We expect adding a bit of Rotor Riot magic to the Liftoff experience will allow us to provide some exciting new things for you in the future. We already have a few exciting things planned for future updates! 😉