Update 0.13.8 released!

Update 0.13.8 released!
This update might not have the longest changelist, but it’s a big one nonetheless: we introduce a cool new level called The Green and upgrade the community’s favourite Hannover.
Bored of playing alone in Singleplayer? Race against our new bots, who are happy to challenge you for a race.


  • Added new environment: The Green.
  • Upgraded the Hannover level with the addition of Hall 26.
  • Added bots (virtual opponents) feature: currently only available in StrawBale01 and StrawBale02.
  • UI colouring and button behaviour is now more consistent.
  • Updated the Calibration menu hints with more information.
  • Rating tracks is now possible in the Multiplayer waiting room.
  • Added review request feature.
  • Added rebind option for Black Box (default F9).
  • Minor bugfixes.


We want you to meet the newest members of the Liftoff team: “bots”. They have been training with us the last few weeks with one goal in mind: challenge you for a race at any time you want, even when you play offline! It’s not a real race when you’re the only one on the track, so these guys and girls will do their best to match your skill in singleplayer races.

They’ll join you in the game on StrawBale01 and StrawBale02. They are hard at work mastering the other tracks as well!

To activate the bots go to Options > Game > Ghost mode > Bots.

The Green

A parking lot, a forest, a sports arena , the Champs-Élysées and a giant mining pit… How about some rolling green hills under a sunny blue sky?

We’re happy to introduce “The Green”, a new environment available in this update, featuring an beautiful and open golf course for you to explore. Where Hannover and The Pit offered a multitude of freestyle opportunities, The Green is designed with racing in mind. We expect it to become a favorite environment for many track builders among you!