Update 0.13.7 released!

Update 0.13.7 released!

This update is your creation. Your suggestions to improve the Multiplayer experience have been put to good use. Enjoy!


  • Removed warmup time for Multiplayer Race rooms with one player. Start racing immediately!
  • Added lap counter for Infinite Race mode.
  • Added “Room Leader” announcement in Infinite Race mode.
  • Added “Personal Best” announcement in  Infinite Race mode.
  • Added “Hide UI” feature. Press F1 to activate.
  • Fixed issue that prevented you from removing action cams from the Teal frame.
  • Minor bugfixes

Multiplayer feedback

Liftoff already provides some of the best multiplayer experiences of any FPV sim. Yet your feedback allows us to further streamline the experience.

You told us you want to start racing for top spots on the leaderboards immediately, and by removing the warmup time we are not going to let you wait any longer. You also told us you love the Infinite Race mode and with 0.13.7 we make it even better! No longer will you have to look for the information you want on the border of your screen: we now show a lap counter underneath the timer and give you an on-screen message when you improved your personal time and when someone in the room took the lead.

Let us know if you have any more ideas to improve and streamline the multiplayer experience.